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  1. m33kuh

    What Do You Think And Expect Of The 2 New Heroes Announced?

    Just recently during The International 2017 event a couple of days back, Valve has announced a major update for us Dota geeks and yep, you guessed it, new hero! Not one, but 2 new heroes! I am really looking forward to seeing their abilities, positions, and stats delivery. After the reveal...
  2. SpellBound

    Quick Level Up Strategy From Experienced Players

    Hello fellow gamers,what kind of strategy do you use for leveling up your character as soon as the match starts? Is there any particular way or path in which you work to quickly level up? Please share a few effective no fail strategies for others who are having a hard time.
  3. PSyCHoHaMSTeRza

    Heroes of the Storm

    So, you played Dota. You played LoL. You played HoN. But have you added the new addition to you list of acronyms yet? HotS is a new MOBA from Blizzard which does things a bit differently. Firstly, no items. Personally (being the noob that I am) I love not having to remember complex recipes, or...