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  1. SpellBound

    Strategy For Winning An Online FPS

    Hey there awesome Gamers, Could you share your strategy in winning an online FPS(First Person Shooter) game? Kindly provide some tips and tricks for survival in the battlefield when you're being roasted Lol.
  2. Jack_Dan

    Is there anyone waiting for Call of Duty : World War II ?

    As a fan of Call of Duty series and the FPS game lover, I'm eagerly waiting for the next installment of my favorite FPS game series. So the consoles will be XBOX ONE and PS4, which I don't own (I have PS3). I guess I'm going to play on my PC then. Is there anyone waiting for this installment of...
  3. Thrall

    My Attempt At Rainbow Six: Siege

    These last two weeks I've been working on a video whenever I had free time and finally finished it! It's a comedic approach to Rainbow Six and I had lots of fun making it. I'm hoping to make more of these soon and try to up the quality each time!
  4. AlexHarris

    What is your favorite weapon across all FPS games?

    I was just thinking about my favorite weapons in fps games and I was thinking that there are a lot of similar weapons but the feel, recoil, and sometimes appearance of the weapon isn't always consist through games. I wanted to ask you guys what your favorite weapon was, why, and is it generally...
  5. AlexHarris

    Crossfire anyone?

    Tumbling through the search engine and platform games for a bit and was wondering if there was anyone else here who plays/played Crossfire. For the longest time, I used to obsess over that game and it kind of put a wedge between my family and me. Recently I've stopped playing the game, but that...
  6. Baconmanz

    Hey, I'm glad to join!

    This forum excites me as I love gaming, right now one of my most played games is Overwatch. I usually play FPSs and MMORPGs, and some other games that fall outside those two genres. My in game name is Baconmanz and that's why my forum name is that too, I hope I learn to love this community!