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  1. Blaine019

    Ps4 Or Ps4 Pro?

    Hey I'm planning to buy a PS4 but I want to know if the PS4 PRO is worth the few more bucks? I mean, do you really can tell the difference in graphics while playing? What are your thoughts about it?
  2. lindbergh

    Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale PS4

    Have you ever been a PlayStation fanboy who has always been envious of your N64 owning or Gamecube owning friend bragging about Super Smash Bros.? Were you a Playstation fanboy who was kinda tired of your Nintendo owning friends as they would start talking about their four player matches the...
  3. Haristar


    LawBreakers is a new single player shooting game released on 8th August 2017. The game is developed by Boskey productions and published by Nexon. The games are available for PS4 and PC but you can pre order it on Steam. Also, Steam has provided an option to install the beta version for you to...
  4. damizille

    Suggest Games For Me

    I recently got a Playstation 4 from ebay and am expecting it to be delivered anytime soon, so I need you new friends of mine to advise me on games to buy which you have tried and you see it rocks well for you. I will check them out and see if i will like them also, I really when to enjoy the...
  5. lindbergh

    Your thoughts on God of War 4 - PS4?

    Heeey there, I've been watching the trailer of God of War for the PS4 over and over on YouTube. It's nice that they've added a touch of The Last of Us to this series as it adds more drama and emotions. We see Kratos baby sitting a young boy and teaching him the basics of hunting. When I say...
  6. PingPongCall

    Does Anyone Still Play This Game

    When the third game came out I played it non-stop. I was so happy to finally have Diablo back in my life after what?, a ten year absence? I wasn't thrilled with the story, but then again I never really am. The game play however was perfected. Between the gem system, how precise the skills were...
  7. Calcified

    Current Generation Consoles Vs. Steam Machine

    So the Steam machines getting nearer their release date and me still being cheap about getting a PS4, I've now come face to face with another dilemma, is it still worth it getting a PS4 or an Xbox one, or should I just get a steam machine? I'm considering a couple of aspects and the only thing...