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  1. Pink_Turtle

    Rpg, Yes Or No?

    Hello guys! So I had always been a fan of RPG games, I think they really make you bond with your team and it's also a ton of fun. Being someone else for a little while is almost freeing and plus you get to be cool characters such as vampires or wizards. Do you play RPG games? if so which one...
  2. cesarmatute

    Any Mobius Final Fantasy Player?

    Hi, I've been playing Mobius Final Fantasy for almost a year, almost since the day it first came out and I find the game entertaining. Square always find a way to keep the game interesting. The story is released little by little with updates every few months. I like the most the multiplayer...
  3. lindbergh

    Possibility of Steambot Chronicles 2

    Steambot Chronicles was one of the most under appreciated games on the PS2. The game was very good and it shocked me as to why not a lot of people were buying it. Steambot Chronicles had it all. It had a massive open world wherein you could do pretty much anything. Travel desserts, play pool...
  4. SerSlavos

    Favorite RPG Game?

    So, if you like this genre, what would be your favorite RPG game? Let's talk about single-player ones for now. Mine used to be Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, until Mass Effect came out. So far ME is my favorite for now. Haven't played the new one yet but judging by the videos I saw, it...