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Chain of Command

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Aug 12, 2012
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Game Rebels Chain of Command

Senior Management
People in these ranks have authority over all servers. These ranks are global ranks across the network.

Community Owners are essentially the people who run the whole community and have complete authority over everything. This person should be able to make decisions and stick with them. They have the final say in any situation and will mostly step in if there is a disagreement between supervisors.

Overlooks the whole community to ensure everything is running correctly and smoothly. The Supervisor has executive action over the Server Manager. This person should be ready to take action if a Lower Management makes a decision that will negatively affect each server. Supervisors have complete control over any decision except by the owners.

Middle Management
These people are management for individual servers. Only supervisors + may promote or demote people in these ranks. Lower management is of equal power with separate roles. If one of these ranks is absent, than the supervisor takes on the role.

Server Manager:
The Server Manager is tasked with making sure the server is running smoothly. People are given Server Manager based on their expertise and experience. Server Managers are expected to know how to deal with issues on their server and above all, to know their community well. A Server Manager has the overall say in their server regarding server rules, accepting/denying donations, suggestions, and add-ons.

Staff Manager:
The Staff Manager(s) are competent in maintaining a healthy staff team and will oversee the server staff. The staff manager(s) is in charge of dealing with player concerns and issues regarding abusive staff. They will be the ones who look over staff applications and hire/demote any staff if necessary. The staff managers will be held responsible for their staff.

Server Staff
These users are the people who help keep the servers from chaos. They enforce the rules and help oversee administration and moderation.

Super Admin:
Is the most senior Server Staff. This position is for those who are deemed to be a benefit to the community and others thru doing calls, helping lower ranks, and obeying all server rules. This rank is responsible for taking on moderators and giving them an opportunity to shadow them in all aspects of moderation and administration.

Admins are staff members who have proven themselves and can act on their own. Should take average level staff issues. Admins should also have mods come with them for shadowing.

In a sense, this Staff position is more of a Trial Period for other members of staff to gain your trust. Mods should be shadowing Admins and Super-Admins to Calls. Mods should take up low-level staff problems.

Head Gamemasters:
Head Gamemasters are to be considered “Loremasters” and are in charge of maintaining a healthy team of gamemasters who can excel in server events. They will be the ones who look over game master applications and hire/demote any game master if necessary.

Gamemasters are trusted with running enjoyable events for the server. They may run events without the supervision of Head Gamemasters so long as it is well documented. It is important to note that Gamemasters are not staff. They should not be cloaking/no-clipping around the ship or answer staff calls unless there is currently no available staff online.

Trial Gamemaster:
This is a Trial period where you are being supervised by the Head Gamemasters to create and run events. To be accepted to Trial Gamemasters, you must first pass a trial event hosted by you.
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