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General Aviation Engines


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Mar 16, 2016
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This is technically considered a "technology" and I'm slightly bored so I'll write about it:

About 3 months ago in ground school we started to delve into the inner workings of engines and systems within the Cessna Skyhawk. The specific model we use is the Cessna 172S with the G package. This means that the Cessna is a 172 model (slightly bigger then the 150 series) and has the Garmin setup in it with the G1000 Glass Panel and all the bells and whistles for radios/transponders.

The engine however is the main focus. This specific Cessna comes with the Lycoming IO-360-L2A. Lycoming is the manufacturer of the engine and the IO-360-L2A tells us the type of engine and some other stats about it.

So to go into detail the engine is a "IO" engine. This is separated into two parts. "I" stands for injected, this means the fuel is directed pumped into the engine cylinders to be mixed with air. "O" stands for opposed (horizontally opposed in our case) which means they are stacked horizontally opposed to each other within the engine Compartment.

Example of opposition: (E -> Engine, P-> Propeller)


You can see the slight offset of the cylinders and their casings.

The 360 is the amount of Cubic Inches of Displacement within the cylinders/engine.

The L2A happens to be the specific addon package for the engine containing the different extra parts and technology we use. Helps with efficiency etc.