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Hogwarts Legacy Imminent Release

There has been tons of attention surrounding the release of Hogwarts Legacy. Some being the backlash against Harry Potter author J.K Rowling. This open world RPG is set in the 1800's that the Harry Potter books are placed in. As a student you come into a secret that could ruin the world and you must fight the dark wizards through a a long and winding story. There will be different ways to end your legacy. This game is projected to have a 35 hour standard playthrough with up to 70 hours after completing all objectives. This game was anticipated to release in 2021 but the pandemic caused a change in plans. The studio Avalanche Studios has dealt with a lot of blows in the coming months of the release. This is a big week for them.

Early Access : February 7, 2023
Release: February 10, 2023


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