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How Do you Write your own Chat Application


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Mar 22, 2017
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So I am planning on Opening a messaging Application And I was wondering have anyone of you guys have or planned on opening a messaging services something like Facebook messager and WhatsApp what are key benefits and some good tuts or tips you need to know to build a effective and less time consuming application I will using this site that I found Click Here for the Link. Although it does not say much I want it to have different features like subscription etc plans.

EDIT: I want it Custom made I am not looking for premade ones NOTHING LIKE IRC SERVERS OR CHATWEE OR ChatZilla I want it Custom like a TUT where I can learn or a Open Source Code I find from GitHub
[doublepost=1543438947,1534106352][/doublepost]Still Looking I know its been a while at least 3 months but I am still determined to make an Chat app or even a Reddit like Mobile App Idk how long it might take though.