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Imperial Prussia


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Apr 9, 2016
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Seeing how this shit is way more open to this. I want to rebuild Imperial Prussia using Game Rebels as our platform to recruit here and to bring people to Game Rebels.
Imperial Prussia (De-Facto: Prussian Empire)

(DISCLAIMER: This group has been running off different communities. You may see defunct versions on the Internet on communities that we do not like to associate with anymore..)

We will mostly do any Garry's Mod roleplays.
This includes the following

Half Life 2 RP
Any form of Clockworks, Nutscript Schemas
Any World War 2 Gamemodes that allow us group creation.
1942RP (If FPSPrussia gets unbanned or a new one starts up)
French Occupation Roleplay

The success of the Ex-Kaiser to restore the Monarchist Coup in Germany has returned. We are stronger then ever before and are now leading the way to a glorious new Fatherland.

✙▬▬▬| Organization Lore |▬▬▬✙
After the defeat of the Prussian Coup in 1932 we lost everything but when In 1939, Nazi Germany Invaded Poland, technically uniting us territorially with Germany. We decided it upon ourselves to Liberate Prussia and continue the Preussenschlag! The Legions of Partisans lined on the streets when they heard the Prussian Nation was going to continue what it started in 1932! This is why was ask every able bodied man to help us in our coup by eliminating the Fuhrer at his headquarters in Kielce!

Actual Prussian History

The Prussian Kingdom was a German kingdom and historic state originating out of the Personal Union of Brandenburg and Prussia (Post-Teutonic Order) and centered on the region of Prussia. For centuries, the House of Hohenzollern ruled Prussia, successfully expanding its size by way of an unusually well-organized and effective army. Prussia shaped the history of Germany, with its capital in Berlin after 1451. In 1871, German states united in creating the German Empire under Prussian leadership. In November 1918, the monarchies were abolished and the nobility lost its political power. Prussia was effectively abolished in 1932, and officially abolished in 1947. In 1932, the Preussenschlag, or "Prussian coup", was one of the major steps towards the end of the German inter-war democracy of the Weimar Republic, which would later greatly facilitate the "Gleichschaltung" of Germany after Adolf Hitler's rise to power. On July 20, 1932, President Paul von Hindenburg issued an emergency decree under Article 48 of the Weimar Constitution which dismissed the cabinet of the Free State of Prussia, the largest German state. Inwhich the Prussians planned a coup to restore the Monarchy. Historically this was the very last major attempt by a German State to promote a monarchy, only one group would persevere after would be the Hohenzollern Kaiser himself, Wilhelm II.

This group is a serious-fictitious group based on actual events.

✙▬▬▬| Basic Information |▬▬▬✙

Government: Resistance Group (De-Facto Prussian Constitutionalism)
Capital: Berlin (Resistance Headquarters:Konigsberg)
Languages: German (Main & Legal), Lithuanian, Polish
Religion: Roman Catholic, Lutheran (Main), Prussian United, Atheism. Agnosticism
Currency: Reichsmark
Total Treasury: 0 R.M.
Year: 1942

✙▬▬▬| Faction Relations |▬▬▬✙


At War:

Imperial Prussia is looking to start a League of Serious & Historical hat will not be an alliance but yet instead will be actually putting some Historical Factions in roleplay servers. This requires a semi-serious nature and historical context. AKA nothing that is out of what would be possible in 1942. IE: German Ex-Political Parties, Polish Ex-Political Parties, and other groups that were in history or are realistic. PM me with approval.

✙▬▬▬| Groups & Ranks & Medals |▬▬▬✙
Emperor (Kaiser) - Has every permission stated below & absolute authority
Field Marshall (Feldmarschall) - Has full command over all groups below.
Commissioned-Officer (Offizier) - Can Start Imperial Prussia as a group in the server
Non-Commissioned Offizer (Unteroffizier) Can Start the DNVP in a server (Miscellaneous Group members who are lead by the NCO)
Lance Corporal (Gefreiter) - Can begin a Freikorps (Miscellaneous Group members who are lead by an elected Gefreiter)
Soldier(Soldat) - Guarenteed a Rifle
Recruit (Bewerber) - New Member

What does all that above sheisse mean?
Imperial Prussia does not allow lower level members to go on a server and just say "We're Prussia" and start the group. Instead we have Proxy groups that Imperial Prussian members can use to group together YET not actually be representing Imperial Prussia.


Freikorps (Free Corps) is just soldiers lead by an elected Gefreiter. They will mostly base together or do some mugging/small time raids on their own free will yet they do not use the Imperial Prussian name.


DNVP (Deutschenational Volkspartei) is group members who are acting as junior Prussians but do not have the strength to be fully representative of Imperial Prussia. Once the Imperial Prussian DNVP group has two Unteroffiziers or one Offizier it can begin to represent Imperial Prussia

While new ones can always be made. We will mostly use the historical Imperial German medals.

Verdienstkreuz für Kriegshilfe: Any non-Imperial Prussian Member that has done a great service to Imperial Prussia.
Militär-Ehrenzeichen: Honorable & Brave Behavior
Militär-Verdienstkreuz: 2nd Tier of Previous (Usually on doing another large courageous act or a third one)
Eisernes Kreuz: Awarded for extraordinary behavior

Like real medals, every situation is different. Someone who may have defended a compound from ten people whilst only have three may receive an Eisernes Kreuz (Iron Cross) while maybe someone else who did something similar may only get Militär-Ehrenzeichen (Military Honor Medal).

✙▬▬▬| Application |▬▬▬✙
There are no longer formal applications. I believe the only things that would require this is that if you want to be a bigger part of Imperial Prussia by helping us fund ingame money, like the American Revolution you will be placed in a higher attitude.

✙▬▬▬| Promotions |▬▬▬✙
To further promote membership this policy is coming into place.
Field Marshall: Recruitment of 30 Soldats or higher
Leutnant: Recruitment of 20 Soldats or higher
Oberfeldwebel: Recruitment of 15 Soldats or higher
Feldwebel: Recruitment of 10 Soldats or higher
Obergefreiter: Recruitment of 7 Soldats or higher
Gefrieter: Recruitment of 5 Soldats or higher
Soldat: If you don't want to wait. 3 Bewerbers.
Bewerber: Just join.

Now, if you believe if you just deserve a rank, use this Application to state the reasons why. Fancy it to your liking and make it appealing.
If you are in any other faction(s), list it here:
Skills that you poses?:
Skills that can assist Imperial Prussia?:
How can you show your loyalty?:
How active are you currently on Game Rebels, and how active are you willing to commit to?:
Do you understand that if you cannot appear as often as you previous said to commit, you must inform FPSPrussia via PM on the Forums?:
Desired rank?:
Why should you receive this rank?:
How will receiving this rank help Imperial Prussia?

Here is the Steam Page:


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Mar 17, 2016
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This is cool why is this thread not popular, it's well put together and everything. I would be happy to join!

Got mitt uns mein comaraden!

Lange lebe das preußische Reich!

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Mar 16, 2016
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Oh man, its the legendary Prussia.
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