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Stepping into Virtual Reality?

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Have you considered stepping into virtual reality? There is no other way that I could word the question, as after I first put the headset on - I was immediately transported into another world. At least that was the sensation.

I have always been fanatical about video games; it is a genuine passion of mine and so I can confidently say that virtual reality is an absolute dream come true for me. If you enjoy games, then I would tell you to jump feet first into virtual reality as it truly is a no-brainer - however, for the more reserved out there, or perhaps for those who are not interested in games, is it really worth your time?

I encourage everyone I can to try VR before passing judgment on it. Not everyone enjoys shoot ‘em ups or space simulators, but when you actually feel like you are sitting in the driver's seat of an Aston Martin attempting a record lap of the carefully re-created Nurburgring, you soon forget about real life and really start living a virtual life. Now that may not sound as romantic as it seems, however, I know I will never have the chance to drive that car around that track.

Now VR is not only used for petrol-fueled adrenaline rushes, it can be a very powerful educational tool. For example, there is a fully-featured anatomy atlas which contains realistic models and structures and goes into great detail about how the human body works - or even a simulation of what someone with Autism experiences, showing that people who suffer from this can become distracted and overwhelmed with details or irregularities and end up overly focused and easily startled.

Historical experiences also have their spot in VR. I have witnessed the brutality of World War 1 through a soldier's eyes and been taken through a brief history of aviation starting from the Wright brothers first leap right up to an F22 Raptor jet. I have even had a personal tour of America’s National Parks from President Obama.

To sum it up, virtual reality is a tremendous and extremely versatile tool. It opens up a world of experiences that are not reserved solely for video game enthusiasts; it truly is the next step in technology and I, for one, am truly excited.


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Mar 21, 2016
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I've actually had a shot at VR for education at the Univeristy I visited in Ottawa, the medical facility there had a machine which you look through... The machine is called the DaVinci, it's basically a surgical device doctors operate on humans instead of them selves as the human body can be shaky at times meaning they could stress or get nervous... Where the machine will stop that and you have the equipment needed for the operation ready.... Hard to understand when it's typed out, possibly just watch the promotional vid if you can find it...
But yea, I believe VR is a great learning experince.
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