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Team Dynamic || Competitve GB Team || Pubstomping Team

Team Dynamic

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Nov 21, 2016
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Hello everyone,

We are Team Dynamic, we are a team that aims to reach the top and we will always aim high for our members and followers, we are coming soon to YouTube. At the moment we are clan bases around infinite warfare only, we are also doing a race to master challenge.

Recrutiment Requirements:

1. A mic is needed to communicate and discuss game tactics.

2. You must be able to play daily.

3. You must have a positive KD (1.00 or above)

4. You must have an MLG account

Roles Needed:

- Desinger
-Video editor
-Competitve players
-Social media managers

Recruitment Form:

Role your are applying for:
What are your designing skills: (leave blank if you are not applying for the designer role)
What are your video editing skills: (leave blank if you are not applying for the video editing role)
Can you record? If so what capture card are you going to use:
MLG account: (not needed if your applying for our Pubstomping sector)
Play style: