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  1. Jordan

    Game Shop v2.1

    Game Shop v2.1 Although the release of version 2.0 was a big release for us, there was still so much more we can do to make this truly one of the best game shops any gaming community has ever seen! The moment I released the Game Shop v2.0, I started working on version 2.1! Although development...
  2. felabruno

    Best game world?

    What is the best world created in a game or series of games? I am a big fan of Skyrim's world with its towns and of course The Witcher is very creative and well-made.
  3. Jordan


    Does anyone play io games? I came across one called Hexar.io It's a game I play often when I'm just waiting on things to do. Or you know, taking a dump :P The point of the game is to try and capture as much of the map as possible. However, you can't have your tail hit or your head! You can win...
  4. Jordan

    Game Shop V2

    Our game shop has come along way since 2012! Back when I first had the idea, it was very limited and everything was manual. A lot of effort was going into having to receive and send codes manually. Fast forward to 2014, and Game Rebels launched our first 100% automated shop. However, there was...
  5. augusta

    Games For The Aged

    My grannies came over for the holiday and they love playing games too.I will love to know if there are games that are quite good for them apart from the usual pc games. Could you recommend games good enough for the grannies.
  6. Haristar

    Lates Pc Games To Play?

    The last PC game I played was the Law Breakers and it was quite a good experience. I am planning to buy some new PC games but I have a hard time finding a good one. So, what are some of the recent releases worth giving it a shot? Your comments are appreciated. Thanks. :)
  7. augusta

    What Are Those Games That Can Boost Intelligence

    I love games that are intellectually induced.What are those games that can be said to be intellectually tasking. mine is Indian rummy games.
  8. mistakenichi

    Which is/was your nobody-else-like-it game?

    I spend part of my childhood playing Monster Rancher on PS1. My cousins were fans of Twisted Metal and Tekken, and I was fan too, but when they played Monster Rancher they looked at me as I was a weird thing. Now there's a minigame into Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, the Nine Men's Morris you...
  9. AndrewG

    Indie games aren't all they're made out to be

    10 years ago, anyone wanting to enter the game industry would have to have an entire team behind them. But now, as can be seen by the countless shitty Kickstarter campaigns, anyone living in their parents basement can make a game. Is this really good for the gaming industry or is quantity...
  10. Inqogn1to

    First game you bought?

    Remember the first game that you bought with your own money?
  11. damizille

    Suggest Games For Me

    I recently got a Playstation 4 from ebay and am expecting it to be delivered anytime soon, so I need you new friends of mine to advise me on games to buy which you have tried and you see it rocks well for you. I will check them out and see if i will like them also, I really when to enjoy the...
  12. Inqogn1to

    Pubg "playerunknown's Battlegrounds"

    What's your thoughts on the game guys?
  13. Pixie06

    What are some of the best mobile games?

    I play mobile games mostly when I am travelling and I don't really have that much games on my mobile. I have three games that I am currently playing but however I am a bit bored of playing them and will love to try any new fun games.
  14. Penauthor

    Feels Great to be here

    Hello everyone. I am Penauthor and it feels great to join the forum of exciting and game-loving people. I have games on my laptop and I love to play Pro Evolution Soccer when I'm not busy. I'm hoping to learn a lot from this forum.
  15. reginafalange

    Sports commentators

    Hi, does anyone get annoyed by the choice of commentators for FIFA? Sometimes they are too much for me, I feel like I can't focus on the game. Is it the case in versions from other countries too?
  16. reginafalange

    Racing games for mobile

    Hey guys! I don't know much about games to be honest but I like the one abour racing, driving cars etc (like need for speed for example). Which one you can recomend to install in a cellphone with 2gb or RAM? Much appreciated :relaxed:
  17. BatmanWayne


    I'm the Batman, I know where you are, but I can't tell WHERE IS SHE? tell me about yourself (but I already know everything about you). Don't ask me if I know Bruce Wayne, I know him, but I am another person, trust me, or don't...
  18. pioneerauthor

    Hello everyone!

    I 'm Israel Olatunji from Africa. I'm such a determined and committed person in whatever I do in life. I am here to contribute immensely to this great forum. Thanks.
  19. OursIsTheFury

    Haven't played diablo 3 yet because of bad reviews from old gamers, should i try it?

    I absolutely loved Diablo 2. It was my childhood game, and I have played all the characters with more than one playthrough. The thing is though, when D3 was released, there have been lots of complaints from D2 players, as it strayed away from what D2 made a success. They said it ruined the game...
  20. OursIsTheFury

    What video game console did you spend most of your childhood with?

    I was not lucky enough to be rich growing up, we couldn't afford a PC so I saved up and bought my very own GameBoy. Pokemon Yellow was my very first game, and it was the most memorable experience I have ever had in gaming. From walking through the grass outside Pallet Town, to encountering...