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  1. Shanky

    common mistakes in game development

    One common mistake is to try to do too much at once. It's important to focus on a few key features and to make sure they are done well before moving on to the next thing. Another mistake is to underestimate the amount of time and resources needed for development. It's important to be realistic...
  2. Shanky

    Old games are more enjoyable

    I've been thinking about this for a while now, and I was wondering why old games are often more fun to play than new ones. I've noticed that when I play an old game, I tend to have a lot more fun than when I play a new one. I think it might have something to do with the nostalgia factor, but...
  3. Henrywrites

    How do you fight gaming addiction?

    Let's get this straight, I am someone that enjoys playing games even when I should be sleeping. It's fresh in my memory back in those days when I play the game of Pes with some of my friends all through the night while many others are sleeping. This has got to show how addicted that I am to...
  4. augusta

    What Are Those Games That Can Boost Intelligence

    I love games that are intellectually induced.What are those games that can be said to be intellectually tasking. mine is Indian rummy games.
  5. Pink_Turtle

    What do you like the most about being a clan leader?

    So guys, I've been reading a lot of you saying you really like being a clan leader because that's just part of your personality -being a leader- and I was wondering. What do you like the most about it? Do you consider yourself a good leader in the real world too?. Please share your experiences!
  6. SpellBound

    Experienced Gamers: Which is your favorite game developer company?

    Video Games are the greatest things ever created by humans, but which companies are the best according to experienced gamers like you? Be it the Story, Graphics or Gameplay .
  7. gamergal

    What's your favorite game storyline?

    Yeah, tell me about your favorite game storyline folks. I know how important a storyline is to a game besides gameplay. Sometimes I just play for the sake of storylines. Happens every time, actually!:tongueout: I have many favorites too. I got Resident evil series, Max Payne series (man, that's...
  8. Skip

    Thoughts on Micro-transactions

    A L R I G H T H E L L O So, with newer games releasing with outstanding graphics and more so expectations, there is still that one lingering thought of "Will there be micro-transactions?". The word itself has earned a rather unwelcome reputation among the gaming community, well for those that...
  9. Khalil A

    What do you think guys about Watch dogs 2 ?

    I've watched a lot of videos on Youtube about watch dogs 2. It seems nice to play, but is there any one here who played it to give me some information about the play style, graphics and missions. Thank you
  10. Thrall

    My Attempt At Rainbow Six: Siege

    These last two weeks I've been working on a video whenever I had free time and finally finished it! It's a comedic approach to Rainbow Six and I had lots of fun making it. I'm hoping to make more of these soon and try to up the quality each time!
  11. Javo1096

    Greetings and salutations!

    Hello everybody! Pretty excited to join this gamer based community because I've been wanting to interact more with other players like me. Since I already have this space I've wanted to ask you guys if you have tried emulating old games from Super Nintendo, Sega Dream Cast and such in your PC or...
  12. Craap

    Hello from the underworld

    Greetings, earthlings. People call my "Craap" in this planet. I come from an underworld way too deep down for humans to even see or understand. I have a mission around here. To guide and interact with earthlings about these things they call "Video-Games". Are they meant to train humans? Are they...
  13. OursIsTheFury

    Can everyone here agree that aiming using the analog sticks was a pain?

    Resident Evil: Code Veronica. You have to use a first person perspective sniper rifle to shoot the exposed heart at a boss battle. Never have I encountered so much frustration. Compared to a mouse, aiming with analog sticks are hell, as they are very inaccurate, very sensitive, and incredibly...
  14. K

    What I hate about pc gaming

    This isn't a hate thread in anyway. More of a 'what people need to know before switching to pc'. So last year I made the transaction from ps3 to pc. I'm my opinion the best decision I could of made. So I built my own pc etc etc. I love pc gaming. However, in my opinion it is addictive. Not the...
  15. Jexshot

    Should Alpha Game be free?

    "NEWS!! NEWS!! NEW ALPHA GAME BUY NOW" I hate that and regret buying some alpha games now. After so many years they are either abandoned or still alpha. I have seen many Games that were released in past recent years and they are still in alpha. I think such developers should keep their game...