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league of legends

  1. Razzy

    Some of the Top Games on Twitch in 2017

    Twitch has come a long way since it's introduction to the gaming world, and we are all grateful for their services. They have thousands of games where players can stream and show other users what happens within the game they are playing at the time. Some play very popular games like league of...
  2. Gladdy

    Which Champion Is Currently The Most Broken?

    Hey League of Legends player, as you all know, when Riot makes different balancing changes and adds nerfs/buffs with the patches, you can often find some really broken items or champions. It's just bound to happen and sometimes the broken champions aren't even in the current meta so people...
  3. Gladdy

    Have you ever been banned?

    Hey League of Legends players, I think that it's common knowledge that League's community can be quite toxic at times - full of flamers, feeders, or people just acting like kids. It can often lead to frustration and us typing out things that are based on rage. Getting banned or warned in League...
  4. Deathisue

    The new Urgot

    Urgot a champion who was undervalued before, who was not used very recurrently by his mechanics, appearance and lore, now had his rework, many have been the changes that have been made and are as follows: Passive: Echoing Flames Attacking in the direction of one of Urgot's legs causes that leg...
  5. TsuyoyRival

    God Nasus is back?!

    Hi everyone! Today i'm talking about the "doge" of top lane, Nasus. At the current patch 7.15, he got "adjusted" according to Riot new video released on Facebook. Let's take a look at the patch notes: http://imgur.com/a/k9PTk According to Riot, "he should still feel impactful when he's stuck...
  6. TsuyoyRival

    Runes Reforged

    Hi fellow summoners, Recently Riot announced that runes and masteries would be transformed. In order for someone to play a certain champion, we needed to buy expensive runes and sacrifice on buying Champions. Guess what? That is going to change. Riot in the next season is going to remove runes...
  7. Khalil A

    Any tips to help low elo players climb the ladder !

    Hello guys, a lot of league of legends players struggle to gain elo maybe duo to lack of knowledge or mechanics ... So we want you here as high elo players to give some tips to improve such as warding and decision making ! Thank you guys !
  8. luispas

    What's your favorite MOBA?

    I love playing this genre and definitely my favorite game is League of Legends. It takes all my time, I love the mechanics, the plays one can do, the champions, their personality, the skins, the lanes, everything on it. My passion is to drawing, so it would be a honor if one day I have the...
  9. luispas

    What to do when you lose a ranked?

    This is about League of Legends, and how to deal with the sadness or anger when you lose a ranked game. Normally I tent to hear the music I like, go outside a little, take a walk. Another thing that I love to do is making drawings, with pencils, so I spend a lot of time doing it, it distract my...
  10. luispas

    Sivir drawing

    Here's a drawing that I made 2 years ago, when Roit announced that Sivir was going to have the Victorious skin. It was the time to pick an Adc for these thematic and she was the chosen one, because everyone played a lot with her in season 5. She's very fun to play and I like her so I decided to...
  11. luispas

    ADC in 2017

    This is my favorite role in the game, I love focusing on farming and playing on the bottom side of the map. Having a support makes everything better, but if it's difficult when someone who doesn't know very much how to play it. Right now, it's very hard to play as an ad-carry, you need to be...
  12. luispas

    One of my favorite champs

    JINX, yes, I love Jinx. She has a great personality, she's fun and outgoing. I like a lot her abilities, she can kill you from far away or right on your face. Her dance moves, and laugh are the best for me. I love being the Adc, it's my favorite role in the game, I know that playing Jinx right...