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  1. lindbergh

    Influence Of Video Games On Children

    In the past, people have been blasting video games, saying that they didn't set a good example for children. Violent games like Mortal Kombat received a lot of hate from non video game playing adults. But look at how the games have evolved. Now, video games have become very realistic. There's...
  2. Pink_Turtle

    What do you like the most about being a clan leader?

    So guys, I've been reading a lot of you saying you really like being a clan leader because that's just part of your personality -being a leader- and I was wondering. What do you like the most about it? Do you consider yourself a good leader in the real world too?. Please share your experiences!
  3. Chris Holman

    Are there any Borderlands 2 fans out there?

    So here's my question are there any Borderlands 2 fans for the PS4? The reason I asked this is It's hard to find users on the PlayStation Network who I can buddy up with and power level. And if you haven't played Borderlands 2 to yet you're seriously missing out because it is a awesome game like...
  4. Fatima

    More then happy

    Hello uys , i'm Fatima , i'm a big fan of rebels games especially Red Alert 3 when JK Simmons’ turn as the uberhawk president Ackerman is legendary, making you believe that he’s the only man who can save the USA from the twin threats of future-teched Soviets and Japanese nationalists. Played on...
  5. pioneerauthor

    What are the Advantages of Video and Computer Games?

    Preventing children from playing video and computer games will definitely result in losing the fantastic advantages. The reasoning or mentality of a child is centered on the interest towards playing such adventure games, even if a game seems uninteresting because of its complex and demographic...
  6. pioneerauthor

    Hello everyone!

    I 'm Israel Olatunji from Africa. I'm such a determined and committed person in whatever I do in life. I am here to contribute immensely to this great forum. Thanks.
  7. InvadeYourSpace

    Amazon Holding out On Gamers

    Apparently Amazon will not sell more highly sought out video game titles to non Prime members. You must pay the extra fees for Prime membership, which includes expedited shipping, in order to get some of the more popular/newer titles. It seems like an extortionist type tactic. I'm sure people...
  8. OursIsTheFury

    Witcher 3 Players: Did You Romance Triss or Yennefer?

    Ah yes, the age old question. On one hand, Triss Merigold (in the game) is a very strong-willed person bent on liberating the magic users in Novigrad. She did, however, took advantage of an amnesia-stricken Geralt into having a relationship with her. On the other hand, Yennefer of Vengerberg...